Peter Cook and Keith Wann were translating children’s stories for ITV’s award-winning Signed Stories apps, when Keith’s son Douglas asked, “Can you make me a story too?’  So Peter and Keith filmed a quick story called "Douglas the Space Boy" and uploaded it to YouTube for his son to watch.  It instantly became a hit with many other families too all over the ASL Nation.  Then after seeing the video Keith's daughter asked Wink to make her one too.  Wink jumped into the project with both hands flying and created "Princess Bellybutton".  It was another hit with the ASL family community.

As a result we have launched this website to help create more original children's stories into ASL.  Your Story Our Hands.

Our goal is for children to submit stories, either written or in raw ASL form, to us and then we will pick a story every 3 months and upload the ASL Performed version here for all to share.  We want children, the future storytellers, to be creative and find the artist that is in each one of us.

After emailing us at we will review the story and then let you know if your story has been picked.  Please only original work.  We already have a project that we are involved with that does Children's books in ASL called Signed Stories that we fully support.

Giving back to our community and keeping the tradition of ASL storytelling alive.


We’re proud ambassadors for Signed Stories apps, created by ITV.

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Hey Kids...See your stories come alive here with asl

Featured Story-
A tall Douglas tale in ASL

Performed by Peter Cook

Voice Noise - Keith Wann

The next story might be yours!

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